Long Wave Diathermy


Long wave is much better and superior modality for relieving pain as compared to shortwave and ultrasonic.

Here are some comparisons which make long wave better than other modalities.

1.       Long wave works at 1 MHz whereas short wave works at 27.12 MHz. Since long wave works at less frequency there will be minimum energy loss.

2.       In shortwave diathermy heat is produced due to molecular friction that’s why tissue destruction is seen which not the case in long wave diathermy.

3.       Long wave diathermy produces a maximum output of 25 watts whereas shortwave produces output in the range of 250-1000 watts.

4.       Long wave can be used in the patients with the metallic implant.

5.       Unlike shortwave long wave do not produce any interference with other equipment nearby.

6.       Heat produced by long wave remains for 45 minutes.

7.       Long wave has a deeper penetration of 40 mm.

8.       In this most of the energy remains in high density tissues like ligaments and tendons.

9.       Long wave is highly portable modality weighing around 6-7 Kgs. Only.

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Long Wave Diathermy Product Details:
Minimum Order Quantity 1 Piece
Brand Ssi Digital
Usage Hospital, Clinical, Personal

Long Wave Diathermy  Technical Specifications

  1. WAVELENGTH: 300 meter2. FREQUENCY: 1 MHz
  2. DISPLAY: backlight display
  3. TIMER: 0-5 minutes
  4. POWER: variable in 16 digital steps
  5. MAINS: 230 v, 50 Hz
  6. WEIGHT : 7-8 kg

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