Johari Digital loss and muscle rehabilitation (Hilipo Contour)


Hilipo Contour uses bio-electrical stimulation to strengthen and tone the muscles and promote endurance. Hilipo Contour can bring you sustainable inch loss, increased muscle definition, better posture and balance. Hilipo Contour mimics the body’s natural bio-electricity to work out muscles in a much more safe and effective manner than a traditional workout. Hilipo Contour’s patented protocols of EMS penetrate the deep-rooted muscular structure of the body, bringing definition and core muscle strength to targeted areas.

FDA-cleared Hilipo Contour exercises the muscles around the problem areas in a very powerful way, while you are lying down on a massage table. Hilipo Contour’s treatments when combined with a diet plan and detox session, bring fast and long lasting results for:


Johari Digital loss and muscle rehabilitation Technical Specification: –

Outputs 4 (4/2 Pole Application)
Electrodes 16
Stimulation Interferential, Russian, EMS
Frequency 40 – 4000 Hz / 250 Hz
Max. Output 80 V (Bio Stimulation)
Treatment Time 1 – 60 Minutes Adjustable

Johari Digital loss and muscle rehabilitation Features: –

  • 7” large Full-color LCD touch screen interface
  • 4 Channels and 2/4 Channel Grouping
  • Three modes: Mapping, Recovery and Training Mode
  • 3D Penetration, 100% Vector Modulation

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