Ultra Care Systems Ultrasound Therapy Machine I& 3 MHz


Advanced microcontroller based dual frequency ultrasound therapy equipment, It combines the functions of both I MHz & 3 MHz. Zoomed backlight LCD panel and a soft touch membrane keyboard enables the physician to set the parameters easily. I MHZ is used for deeper penetration and 3 MHZ is used for superficial treatment_s_Additionally 3 MHZ 15 used to produce thermal effects very useful in heating the MUSCIes_Thus a combination of both makes UCS- 1128 an advanced ultrasound therapy machine.

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Ultra Care Systems Ultrasound Therapy Machine I& 3 MHz Specification:

Ultrasound Frequency I MHz & 3 MHZ
Maximum output 12 Acoustic watts Max.
Ultrasound power density 3 Warts I cm2
Fuse I Amp
Treatment Time  0 — 99 minutes
Mode of operation Continuous & Puked.
Diameter of Transducer Head 35 mm
Alarms Audio Alarm at the end of treatment
with auto cutoff.
Pulse Durations 1:1 – 2 Msec On 2 Msec OFF
1:4 – 2 msec ON 8 msec OFF
1:7 – 2  msec ON 14 msec OFF
1:10 – 2 msec ON 20 msec OFF
Operating Voltage 220V AC, 50 HZ
Max Power Consumption 4f Watts
ILxBxH 300 x 250 x 95
Weight 4.0 kg approx

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