Ultra Care Systems Ultrasonic Therapy (Small)


Solid-State Ultra Sound Therapy Unit Is most advance, Portable. Light weight, based on solid-state circuitry. It has 5 Different output mode, digital timer, digital out-put meter & crystal safety circuit with Transducer, Mains Cablejelly, Spare Fuse


For neuro-muscular and musculo skeletal diseases. Tomobilise collagen tissuespremove edema & reduce pain.

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Ultra Care Systems Ultrasonic Therapy Specification:

Dimension (121-1’01 240mm, 60mm. 210mm.
Weight 2 Kg Approx
Operating Voltage 220V AC, SO Hz
Fuses 500 MA
Room Temperature 100 to 400C
Moisture 10% to 80%
Function Frequency 1MHz
Available Output One
Out-put Mode Continuous f Pulse
Intensity Maximum 3w/cm2
Timer 01-49 Minutes Programmable
Crystal Safety Available

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