Technomed Ultrasound Machine 1 MHz (Electroson 608)


Ultrasound 608 is a Solid State microprocessor based Ultrasound Therapy Unit. It is the most modern in design, sleek, compact and easy to use. Continuous and pulsed modes can be easily selected. A Digital Bargraph displays the ultrasonic power delivered to the patient in watts/cm2.

With highest quality of components and highly skilled R&D team we have eliminated the undesired heat produced by Ultrasound head thereby increasing the life of the transducer.

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Technomed Ultrasound Machine Technical Specifications

Ultrasound Frequency:  1 MHz
Maximum Output:  12 Acoustic Watts Max.
Ultrasound Power Density:  2.5 Watts / cm2
Treatment Time:  0 – 20 Minutes
Mode of Operation:  Continuous and Pulsed
Diameter of Transducer Head:  35 mm
Alarms:  Audio Alarm at the end of
treatment with auto cutoff.
Pulse Durations:  1:1  –    2 msec ON 2 msec OFF
1:4  –    2 msec ON 8 msec OFF
1:7  –    2 msec ON 14 msec OFF
1:10  –    2 msec ON 20 msec OFF

Technomed Ultrasound Machine Other Specifications

Operating Voltage:  220V AC / 50 Hz 
 Max Power Consuption:  50 VA                                        
L x B x H:  28.5 x 21.5 x 7.5 cms
Weight:  3 Kgs

Technomed Ultrasound Machine Standard Accessories

1 MHZ Transducer Handle assembly

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