Technomed Traction Machine (Autotrac-100)


Autotrac is an accurate and sturdy Intermittent traction machine. Improved reliability has been achieved using solid state electronics. The silent motor is smooth, reliable and long lasting.

Direct pulling power of AUTOTRAC is from 5 to 45 kgs and with doubler upto 90 kgs. Thanks to solid moulded aluminum gear box assembly and high power sturdy motor. The treatment time is electronically controlled and displayed digitally. At the end of treatment time the alarm comes up, traction stops automatically and releases the patient.

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Technomed Traction Machine Technical Specifications

Traction Force:  5 to 45 kgs with doubler up to 90 kgs.
Hold Time:  20, 40, 60, 80 Secs.
Rest Time:  8 – 10 Hz
Treatment Time:  60 Minutes with Digital Display
Rest Time:  Activated by the patient safety switch.
At the end of treatment time.

Technomed Traction Machine Other Specifications

Operating Voltage:  220V AC / 50 Hz 
Mounting:  Table, Wall Mountable or Cot Mountable
L x B x H:  33 x 28 x 29.5 cms
Weight:  12 Kgs

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