Surgical Cautery 250 Watts


Product: SSI Digital Surgical Cautery 250 Watts

Related Frequency 450 KHz
Pure cut: HF Voltage wave form Unpopulated Sinusoidal
Blend Cut: HF Voltage wave form Modulated Sinusoidal
Max HF Power 250 watt/500 ohms Load
Monopolar Caog: max HF power 160 watt/500 ohms Load
Wave form Modulated Sinusoidal
Bipolar Cut: Max HF Power 100 watt/150 ohms Load
Wave form Unmodulated Sinusoidal
Blend: Max HF Power 80 watt/125 ohms Load
Wave form Amplited Modulated Sinusoidal
Bipolar Caog: Max HF Power 80 watt/125 ohms Load


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Surgical Cautery 250 Watts

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