SSI Digital Microwave Diathermy Machine


Product Specification:

Atmospheric Pressure 700 hpa-1060hpa
Power Supply AC 220V+/-22V 50Hz+/-Hz
Preheat Time Greater than 3 Mins
Relative Humidity 30%-75%
Temperature +10 degree C ~ + 40 degree C
Therapy 1-100W+/-30%
Minimum Order Quantity 1 Piece

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Product Description

Driven by a vision to achieve significant growth in this industry, we are providing a premium quality array of Microwave Multifunction Therapeutic Apparatus.


  • Sport system : Parenchyma wound wrench fracture osteomyelitis slipped disc rheumatoid arthritis penarthritis of shoulder etc.
  • Urology system: Urology system infection and evocable kinds of inflammation.
  • Shallow tissue inflammation: infection of surgical cut folliculitis furuncle carbuncle psoriasis herpes zoster besore haemorrhoids, scaid chilblain faucitis tonsillitis bronchitis etc
  • Nerve system: End neuritis neurodermatitis neurodocitis neuralgia etc.

Performance Index:

  • Output Power
  • Physiotherapy : 1-40W+/-30%
  • Operating Frequency : 2450 MHz+/-50MHz Control Mode
  • By Foot Pedal : The Therapy output is controlled through foot pedal
  • Maximum Time Error :+/-1 Mins
  • Output Impedance : 500
  • Uninterrupted Operation Time : Greater than 8H
  • Output Power : Less than 450 VA
  • The Standing Wave Ratio of radiator is not greater than 3

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