Technomed SWD 500 Watts Solid state (Wavestar 500)


Wavestar 500 is an advanced solid-state technology based on Continuous and Pulsed shortwave diathermy Machine.
This machine has the most advanced features to facilitate quick and effective treatment of the patient.

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Technomed SWD 500 Watts Solid state Technical Specifications: 

Output Frequency:  27.12 MHz
Mode:  Continuous and Pulsed
Output Power:  200 W Average Power with Digital Display
Pulse Frequency:  800 Hz, 600 Hz, and 400 Hz
Duty Cycle:  0 – 100%.
Treatment Duration:  1 – 30 minutes in 1 minute increments
(End of treatment time automatically cut off)
Electrical Class:  CLASS I
Electrical Type:  TYPE BF

Technomed SWD 500 Watts Solid state Other Specifications:

Operating Voltage:  180 – 240 V ~/ 50 Hz .
Power Consuption:  200 Watts 
L x B x H:  45 x 30 x 70cm. (Approx)
Weight:  Approx 17 Kgs

Technomed SWD 500 Watts Solid state Standard Accessories:

Flexible Pads with an Intermediate Felt Layer.
Indicator Discharge Tube.

Disc Electrodes with 360 Degrees Adjustable Arms.
Wavestar SWD User Manual.
Disc Cables.

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