Technomed Scanner Laser Machine (TECH LASER SS-1000)


TECH LASER SS-1000 is an Advanced Scanning Laser Therapy machine which delivers a combination of RED and IR LASER through Scanning Laser. Scanning mode of treatment is very easy to use and very effective method of delivering even dose to multiple trigger points simultaneously. This eliminates the need for a doctor to hold the probe and stand next to patient for the entire treatment. Also, there is no need to move the probe from one trigger point to another.

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Technomed Scanner Laser Machine Technical Specifications:

LASER OUTPUT:  Red 655nm 40 mW + IR 808 nm 200 mW
Infrared Probe:  808 nm 200 mW
Modes of Operation:  Continuous and Pulsed
Pulse Frequency:  0 – 5000 Hz
Treatment Time:  0-99 min

Technomed Scanner Laser Machine Other Specifications:

Input Voltage:  180~240V AC, 50 Hz
Power Consuption:  40 watts
L x B x H:  26in x 23in x 66in
Weight:  12 Kgs approx

Technomed Scanner Laser Machine Standard Accessories:

1. Protective Goggles (2 Nos)
2. Meridian Point Detection Kit
3. Infra-Red Probe

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