HNC Laser Therapy Unit with 1 Cluster Probe


HNC Laser Therapy Unit

HNC Laser Therapy Unit is widely used by rehabilitation centers and hospitals for treating multiple musculoskeletal and other chronic health disorders. Fabricated using latest technologies, these are acknowledged for their optimum performance, durability, excellent quality & prompt results. They are best in their quality and are more comprehensive in use and are mainly used as oxygen therapy equipment products.


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Product Name: HNC Laser Therapy Unit with 1 Cluster Probe

Features: HNC Laser Therapy Unit

  • Cluster probe with one central emitter & six peripheral emitters to facilitate accurate and speedy performance
  • Elastic fasteners to avoid long holding by the therapists
  • Large pads to cover the affected area
  • Light weight, compact & easy to operate
  • Plastic moulded cabinet with large LCD display
  • Laser protective Goggles


Component Structure of the Unit:

  • Mainframe: Control center implements the machine functions by control panel
  • Probe: Touch and focus on pain location on human body for treatment. Used with probe holders
  • Probe holder: Fix probe and connect probe and mainframe. carry with probe to treatment on different pain location on human body such as back, shoulder, ank le, wrist, neck, elbow and knee, etc.
  • Electrical power cable: To connect mainframe with outer electrical power supply
  • Probe wire: To connect mainframe and probe, and to transmit electricity and signals
  • Protective goggles: To protect the user or operator’s eyes from laser injury




  • Laser medium: GaNAs-Semiconductor
  • Terminal laser output: 500mW ± 10% teh exit facula diameterof laser beams 10 mm
  • Laser output wavelength: (810±30)nm.
  • Beam divergency angle: ux.0.26 red.ur0.78 red.
  • Laser output power instability St: <10%
  • Probe peripheral laserwavelength: 650 nm±30 nm

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