Johari Digital CPM Machine


CPM is one of the primary methods for decreasing the deleterious effects of immobilization and can deliver orthopedic, neurological, and even circulatory benefits to the patient. Immobilization, in turn, can create deleterious sequel of physiological and functional impairments. TENS initiates pain relief during the process of rehabilitation for better results.


Johari Digital CPM Machine Specification: –

Operation Mode Battery Operated
Treatment Time Adjustable from 1-60 min
Pulse Rate 50 Hz & 150 Hz
Hold Time Adjustable From 0 to 10 sec
Power Input 110/220 V AC

Special Features:

  • Seven Segment Digital Display
  • E-Stim Output
  • Hand held remote control
  • Adjustable Calf Length Range
  • Thigh Length Range
  • 1 Year Standard Warranty

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Johari Digital


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