Ultra Care Systems Interferential Therapy Unit + Tens


Interferential Electra-Therapy uses electrical pulses to stimulate nerves and muscles in the body, to help relieve pain.

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Ultra Care Systems Interferential Therapy Unit + Tens

Dimensions (L*FrD) 270rrirri,85mrn.2 L Omm
 Weight 1.2kg Approx.
Operating Voltage 220V AC 5OHZ
Absorption 50 watts
Fuse I Amp
Room Temperature 10*C to 404 C
Moisture 10% 40%
Display LCD 20×4
Preset Program 25
Customize User Program 25
Max Output Current 00mA Digital Display CHI &CH2
Current Carrier Frequency 2 KHz & 4KHz& Russian
Base AMF 1-150 Hz
Spectrum 1-150 Hz
Therapy Mode 4 Pole Classic,4 PoleVector, 2 Pole Modulated
Time 99 Min.
TENS Mode Continuous / Burst
TENS Output 150 v peak to Peak
Tens Frequency I to 250 Hz steps of I Hz
Burst 1.2,314,& 5 Hz

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