Technomed Vectrostim Plus (IFT + MS + TENS Combo)


  • LCD screen
  • Indication Based
  • Portable
  • Quick and Easy
  • Precise
  • Versatile
  • Memory
  • Safe

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Vectrostim Plus is the best IFT machine available in India

Attractive International Looks and an Extensive list of Indications. Big LCD Display showing all treatment parameters. This machine is very easy to use.

Vectrostim Plus comes with most advanced solid state electronics and latest signal processors which makes it even more better than our most popular Vectrostim 100 machine.

Vectrostim Plus has all the 102 programs (29 IFT, 73 programs in MST and TENS) including 4 Diadynamic current programs programs avaibale in Vectrostim 100 – plus an extensive list of pre-defined indication list. This machine also has Ultra Reiz, Leduc and many other electrotherapy currents.

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