Johari Digital EMS + TENS Combo (NMS-498)


X-Trainer uses compound bio-wave with asymmetric pulse therapy proven therapy which treats the neurological origin of pain and restricted movement. This Neuro Recovery Technology is a patented and proven program which dramatically speeds up recovery of all surgical or non-surgical patients by keeping them in a parasympathetic state rather than a sympathetic state. X-Trainer helps you achieve optimal health and muscle recovery. It increases range of motion that accelerates your muscle strength & improves stamina, Fitness, Performance and Rapid Recovery, No Drug required.


Johari Digital EMS + TENS Combo Technical Specification: –

Mains Power 110 / 220 VAC
Grade Medical Grade
Outputs 4 Channels
Modes Continuous, Fast Burst, Slow Burst, Ramp Burst,
Wide Low-Frequency Narrow Low Freq. & Auto All
Frequency 1 Hz – 250 Hz
Pulse Width 50μS 350μS
Timer 1- 60 min.
Con. Time 6 sec, 8 sec
Rel. Time 2 sec, 4 sec
EMS & TENS Applications
  • Wrist strengthening, Grip strengthening, Fibromyalgia, Tibialis strengthening
  • ACL reconstruction, Intrinsic strengthening, Quadriceps strengthening
  • Anterior shoulder subluxation , Upper trap spasm, Shoulder weakness
  • Relaxation of muscle pain, Prevention or retardation of disuse atrophy.
  • Increase local body circulation. Muscle re-education. Immediate post surgical stimulation of calf muscle to prevent various thrombosis.
  • Maintaining or increasing range of motion.

Additional Features: –

  • Single machine with the benefit of dual therapies (TENS/ EMS)
  • 4 body areas/ 2 patients can be treated at one time
  • Inbuilt 7 preset programs enabling treatment of different pains
  • One mode for custom parameter and custom treatment
  • Flexibility for custom treatment

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