Lymphopress Air Compression Therapy (UNIX-8100)


Product: Lymphopress Air Compression Therapy 
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All functions inside the body are operating by the smooth circulation of blood and lymph.

Machine with 2 leg pads + 1 arm pad + 1 Abdominal Pad

It promotes the circulation of blood and lymph in the disabled regions of the arms and legs, and increases the pressure of the muscular tissue by continuously repeating selling and contraction with the 4-steps gradual air pressure, thus curing enema and pain in the arms and legs and recovering the function of the limbs aged or disabled due to diseases.


The limbs pressure and circulation device is an instrument for the cardiovascular system, which prevents the pool or blockage of blood or blood circulation.

Blood circulation disorders show the symptoms of cold hands and legs, numbness, pain in the shoulder, failure of memory, dizziness, chronicle fatigue, difficulty in walking dir to pain, muscular pain, cold feeling in the feet, paralytic feeling muscles and skin, signs of paralysis, senile dementia and there is much possibility those who have diabetes, hyperlipidemia, hypertension, heart disease, or smoke have blood circulation disorders.

Lymphopress Air Compression Therapy INDICATIONS

1. Lymphoedema

2. Deep venous thrombosis (DVT)

3. Varicose veins

4. Disease by Interruption in blood circulation

5. Swelling in the legs

6. Relaxation in case of muscles fatigue and insomnia

7. Limb paralysis (cerebral infarction)

8. Pain management

9. Pregnant women limb management

10. Chronis disease by venous cause

11. Fat dissolution

12. Rheumatoid Arthritis

13. Improvement of intestines, dissolution and constipation

14. Benumbed feet.

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