Johari Deep Heath and Vacuum Therapy Combo (Hilipo Detox)


Deep Heat and Vacuum Therapy Combo

Detoxification is removing impurities, toxins from fat cells and it is done by the vacuum and heat therapy. This Combination burns Fat and removes toxins. Hi-Lipo Detox combo is smart, sturdy, lightweight ABS constructed body, is one of the most advanced and convenient infrared deep heat therapy combined with powerful vacuum therapy systems of these times.

Deep Heat Therapy

Deep Heat therapy can create heat 2 inches or more below the skin surface by 60ºC Heat increases the inter molecular temperature of fat cells which further results in breakdown of the bindings between tissues and muscles of the treated area, resulting in loosening of fat cells enhancing the process of slimming.

Deep Heat Therapy

Vacuum simulates the manual cupping movement of massage which helps to mobilize and break down the excessive, accumulated stubborn adipose tissues. It improves body metabolism and increases blood supply, when combined with Heat therapy it removes toxins and waste materials through lymphatic drainage.

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Deep Heath and Vacuum Therapy Combo Technical Specification: –

Outputs Four (3 Deep Heat, 1 Vacuum)
Modes Deep Heat Five Levels : L1 – L5,Vacuum – Continuous
Vacuum Pressure 20 Hg Max
Temperature 60° C Max
Treatment Time 1 – 60 Minutes Adjustable

Deep Heath and Vacuum Therapy Combo Features: –

  • 55°C Deep Heat 3 Pads & 5 Level
  • 20 Hg Pressure Digital Vacuum
  • Adjustable Treatment Time
  • Easy MKB Panel Controlled Device

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